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Graphic Design

Although we don't see ourselves as a graphic design company, a huge amount of graphic design work is done here at Creation Station. From copy and layout design, logo & brand development and guidelines to digital content and video.


Of course we make a lot of One-Off pieces, that by its very nature are prototypes, however we also have developed ideas, and visual solutions in conceptual design, presentation, and take the concept to initial reality. (more…)

Consultation & Design

Our creative process allows for a roller-coaster ride of questions, keeping brand in mind, asking the core questions, or playing devils advocate to tease out any potential issues. The consultation process involves a collective of minds. Passion in our craft to push the boundaries of a brief to get the best solution to it. (more…)

Commercial Fit-out & Installation

On the commercial fit-out and installation side, our clients include, bluechip companies, individual business owners, restaurateurs, interior designers, architects, leading creative agencies and direct brands. (more…)

Project Management

As we all know, there is never enough time! I mean, one of our motto's is “More Idea's Than Time”, wouldn't it be great if all our projects were briefed in a timely manor, with plenty of production and installation time. (more…)


We have manufactured everything from a Poster to a Shop. Our designs for Point of Sale can be seen in most leading retail stores, across multiple sectors, from Grocery to Electrical and Fashion retail. (more…)
“Our goal is to offer the most creative solution to the brief, while being practical in its development to not loose that creativity through budget constraint.”

Our clients

What our clients say

I can’t say enough about these guys. From the first time I met them, we were blown away by their enthusiasm & love for what they do. Eamon is beyond doubt, a creative genius & it was a joy to work with him & his team.While chatting with Eamon during our first meeting (more…)

Martin Molloy

Barry & Browne

From start to finish, we all thoroughly enjoyed working with the guys in Creation Station. We left the first meeting knowing that we could trust them to come through with something different, and they most certainly did. We wanted (more…)

Caroline Daly

Marketing Executive Tucks O’Brien Ltd.

Being introduced to Creation Station has been great for us all at JACC Sports. Creation Stations expertise for just “getting” instinctively what we want and how we ned it executed is second to none. The guys have worked on (more…)

Jaac Sport

Jonathan Courtenay

Jaac Sports

Tamara Somers

Microsoft UK & Ireland

Our Employees

Eamonn Elders

Eamonn Elders

Managing Director

Company Founder, Creative Entrepreneur, Accomplished Artist, and Busy Dad to Two Amazing Kids.

A in Honours Art, Just Sayin’ : Diverting my Art College place to take a job (scarce at the time; much to my poor Mother’s disapproval) then staring my business career at 19 with a weekend (more…)

Alan Collins

Alan Collins

Creative Director

With over 30 years experience in a graphic designer role working with some of the worlds best know brands, I still have a love and passion for all things design. My role can range from a simple logo design to a full blow major product launch with all the collateral and POS requirements that can go with it. Good Design is Good Business – and good simple, effective, innovative design that (more…)

Our projects

Fanta Meeting Room
New Balance
Guinness Store House
Barry and Browne

Some facts about us

Happy Clients

Our skills

Our skills are an extension of our Talents. As creative people, we hone in on what we like to do naturally, and as a team we are creative together, as we all know, one idea leads to another! Our Talents are our Skills. If you are doing what you love for a living, it doesn’t always feel like work, and seeing your artistic creations coming alive is the best job in the world! Believe it or not, as much as we talk, we listen twice as hard.
Attention to Detail:

A message from our MD

At Creation Station, we are always striving to better ourselves. We are always learning, we show each other mutual respect, we love our clients, we love when we impress them, we know when it’s time for a laugh and time for knuckling down. “Work Hard and Play Hard” is a motto used many times in our four walls, the word “Assume” however is not!
Eamonn Elders