Project name:

Guinness Store House

Project description:

After working with the Storehouse for a while on retail consultancy in the main retail floor, our job was to conceptualise the themed area’s that surrounded itself with related clothing and impulse purchase products. With successful campaigns across, Summer Festival, Rugby our biggest challenge was yet to come.

What does GSH look like for Christmas. Looking at their Advert the previous year showed a couple kissing at the gates whilst it was snowing. Whats wrong with that as an idea?

So, we build a custom replica (albeit smaller) of the Guinness gates, Pillars, Surrounding walls, Period Street Furniture, Fake Clouds with Feature Lighting and a Cobblestoned Street with Tram Tracks : Oh yeah, and to top it all off, we installed a Snow Machine inside the main hall to make it snow every 30mins for photo ops!