Graphic Design

Although we don’t see ourselves as a graphic design company, a huge amount of graphic design work is done here at Creation Station. From copy and layout design, logo & brand development and guidelines to digital content and video.


Of course we make a lot of One-Off pieces, that by its very nature are prototypes, however we also have developed ideas, and visual solutions in conceptual design, presentation, and take the concept to initial reality. (more…)

Consultation & Design

Our creative process allows for a roller-coaster ride of questions, keeping brand in mind, asking the core questions, or playing devils advocate to tease out any potential issues. The consultation process involves a collective of minds. Passion in our craft to push the boundaries of a brief to get the best solution to it. (more…)

Commercial Fit-out & Installation

On the commercial fit-out and installation side, our clients include, bluechip companies, individual business owners, restaurateurs, interior designers, architects, leading creative agencies and direct brands. (more…)

Project Management

As we all know, there is never enough time! I mean, one of our motto’s is “More Idea’s Than Time”, wouldn’t it be great if all our projects were briefed in a timely manor, with plenty of production and installation time. (more…)


We have manufactured everything from a Poster to a Shop. Our designs for Point of Sale can be seen in most leading retail stores, across multiple sectors, from Grocery to Electrical and Fashion retail. (more…)