We have manufactured everything from a Poster to a Shop. Our designs for Point of Sale can be seen in most leading retail stores, across multiple sectors, from Grocery to Electrical and Fashion retail. Our designs for interiors have inspired staff and enhanced the surrounding environments they were installed in.

Yes, we make the one-off’s, the Tier One projects, the Hero Items. But we also produce in multiples and have a network of installers and fitters to take ours (or your) creations to site and install them to a standards we have set ourselves. Our designs most times call for multiple materials, and production capabilities, across numerous manufacturers and suppliers, some we’ve never used or seen before that need to be sourced. Our production team work with contractors, electricians and specialists in their quest to make the ideas come alive. Your Ideas. Our Ideas.

No mean feat when we are passionate that what we produce be of the standard it was designed to be in the first place.