About us

Over the last 13 years, our creations have brought smiles, wonder, excitement, and tangible results to some of the worlds leading brands activity in retail, events, store-in-store, showroom and office space.

The team at Creation Station consist of conceptual designers, free and creative thinkers, brainstorming experts, digital & social media marketing content creators, photographers, interior designers, tireless administrators, graphics installers, carpentry & fit teams and not to mention eagle eye’d project mangers.

We like to think we offer true “value for money” in our creative and practical use of your project budgets, whether for a POS Display, Retail or entire Office FitOut. We apply a practical sense of creative solutions to fit within budgets that we can deliver on-time, and that doesn’t mean we get a lot of time on some of these projects.

Our goal is to offer the most creative solution to the brief, while being practical in its development to not loose that creativity through budget constraint.

Our clients are our partners in crime, we work together closely to create something magical every time we put pen to paper. Without our amazing clients trust in us, we would find it difficult to do our job freely. We share their ambitions, especially in the face of a tight budget, but its all relative; when creativity can bring you such value for money!

“Work Hard & Play Hard” : Maybe a little cliched, but it’s said a lot around here!