Eamonn Elders

Company Founder, Creative Entrepreneur, Accomplished Artist, and Busy Dad to Two Amazing Kids.

A in Honours Art, Just Sayin’ : Diverting my Art College place to take a job (scarce at the time; much to my poor Mother’s disapproval) then staring my business career at 19 with a weekend market stall which actually gave me enough money to go and to live in NYC after receiving a lottery visa, setting me on a path to where I am today, funny that! Working in America, the home of Customer Service Excellence changed me in a way. The mindset behind business started with open ended questioning coaching in my retail sales role. The friendliness in retail wasn’t actually that false like we seen on TV. It was a way of life, and I seen it as a way to get Paid!

It was American Football gave me my first honest Sport Love, and I still watch it today with great enthusiasm for my beloved Patriots and travel to see them when I can. Coming home to a new Celtic Tiger Ireland meant new opportunities, and after a few jobs, in different sales sectors, I finally settled on a Creative Sales Role where I could use my artistic skills, sketching briefs and starting the design process there and then with the client talking. I was always able to understand the brief as a salesperson, and communicate it to design & production people easier. This ultimately led me to setting up my own business, a consultancy based design business, that would produce my own creations without the pressure of feeding a factory behind me. Now that company is 14years old, I’m a seasoned designer working for world leading brands; how did that happen?

The fundamentals of the business have stayed the same, but the offering, and how we produce that has changed. I am honoured to have designed for such recognised brands, and my work is seen across all retails sectors. I like to think of myself as a conceptual artist, although my range of skills touch many areas of design. I love design in all forms, mostly hand drawing initial concepts, buying a Wacom changed my life! Being able to draw digitally right there on a screen lead to a new wave of creative process, of course now we can make 3D models spin around, but I still hand draw visuals a lot of the time.

At Creation Station, we are always striving to better ourselves. We are always learning, we show each other mutual respect, we love our clients, we love when we impress them, we know when it’s time for a laugh and time for knuckling down. “Work Hard and Play Hard” is a motto used many times in our four walls, the word “Assume” however is not, it’s a dirty word for which you may pay a jar some money, bad language is mostly relative, isn’t it?

I am so lucky in life, and I believe in Karma more than anything else. I’m lucky to have a talented and hard working team behind me, because doing what you love doesn’t always feel like work, and seeing your artist creations coming alive is the best job in the world!